Frosty Toilet Foot Stool. A limited edition PROPPR Acer toilet foot stool.

How to Sit on the Toilet - PROPPR Helps you Poop Better

Question: What do you get when you cross our glossy white Acer with our almost invisible clear Acer?
Answer: Our Limited Edition PROPPR frosty toilet foot stool – the Nordic Acer.

Hmmm, well, that’s perhaps a bit of a stretch given the Nordic Acer’s ice cool matte finish. But you get the idea!? It’s not clear, but not quite white – it’s somewhere in between – with a sleek, and streamlined satin finish.

We’ve had our eye on this slightly translucent, matte finish material for a little while now and have been looking forward to introducing it into our range. So here it is… but not forever. It’s a Limited Edition Acer which means when it’s sold out, it may not make a return.

As you probably know, acrylic was been a sought-after material given its use for screens and sneeze-guards when Covid first arose in 2020. So, we’ve been waiting on the availability of consistent supply, along with the pricing to be a bit more reasonable. Although like all things, the costs of materials, production and shipping have all risen over the past few years.

So let’s introduce our Limited Edition frosty toilet foot stool…

This Limited Edition frosty toilet foot stool belongs to the Acer family and we’ve called it ‘Nordic’. It reminds us of snow capped scenery and that slight, crisp frost you see on most things over in the Nordic regions. And with a nod toward Scandinavian design, its soft, non-reflective look will add a modern, minimalist touch to any bathroom.

Made of slightly translucent acrylic, this PROPPR has a matte finish and our signature simple clean lines; enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any bathroom space while delivering a whole lot of contemporary style.

Like the others in the PROPPR Acer range, the Nordic frosty toilet foot stool is made in Australia out of durable, anti-microbial acrylic, and is built to withstand full water submersion.

If you’re keen to own this Limited Edition PROPPR, then pick up your Nordic Acer here. And don’t forget, all orders include free delivery within Australia.

With Christmas fast approaching a PROPPR might also be the perfect gift to someone you love or even yourself; to see your new year in with happy and healthy ‘movements’!

Why do I need a toilet foot stool anyway?

Using a toilet foot stool is designed to get you in the proper position to poop. Squatting is the more natural and ergonomic way to do your #2s, but not at all easy (or safe) on the western designed pedestal toilet.

By placing a foot stool in front of your toilet and PROPPing your feet on the stool’s platform, your knees become elevated, making them higher than your hips. This position simulates a squat while using the toilet and helps reduce the strain on both your colon and your lower back. Sitting this way ‘unkinks’ the colon and creates a more natural ‘slide’ for easier, faster and more complete bowel movements.

So why not give the gift of great #2s this coming festive season – to yourself or those you love!?

Check out the full range of PROPPRs, including our limited edition Nordic frosty toilet foot stool, in our online store.