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PROPPR is an unregistered provider with the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We are able to service Self-Managed and Plan-Managed NDIS plans. 

The PROPPR is classified as an Unregistered Provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) which means we are only able to support NDIS participants with either Self-Managed or Plan-Managed NDIS plans.

Unregistered NDIS providers can still provide products and services which are fully funded by the NDIS, like any registered provider, however can’t claim invoices with the NDIS directly. Only NDIS participants who self-manage their plans or have a registered plan manager can access unregistered provider services. 

What is a Self-Managed NDIS Plan?

This plan allows participants to take charge of their funding and services. With a Self-Managed plan, participants have the control and flexibility to select, arrange, and pay for their required products and services, as long as they align with the goals outlined in their NDIS plan.

What is a Plan-Managed NDIS Plan?

This plan is where participants have a registered plan manager to help them manage their funding and services. The plan manager is responsible for taking care of the selection, purchase and administrative aspects of the plan on behalf of the participant.

How to purchase a PROPPR on NDIS

For self-managed plans we invoice the patient directly for payment. The patient will then have to manually claim the funds back from the NDIS, using the NDIS portal. For plan-managed plans we invoice the patient’s plan manager. 

For further information please contact the NDIS on 1800 800 110 or visit their website: ndis.gov.au

Here are the simple steps you can take to order your PROPPR under the NDIS scheme

If you are Self-Managed:

Pay Up front and Process Your Own Claim 

  1. Add your item/s to cart on our website, checkout and make payment.
  2. Complete the below Invoice Request Form and we will send you a full copy of the Tax Invoice with your added NDIS details. Use this tax invoice to make your claim. 
  3. Once payment is finalised for your order a copy of the order tax invoice will be emailed to you. Please check your spam emails if you do not see an instant order receipt in your inbox. Use this tax invoice to claim.

Place Your Order and Claim Prior To Paying Us 

  1. Complete the Order Request form below, listing out which item/s you wish to purchase. Make sure you complete the shipping address.
  2. We will email you a full tax invoice for the item/s requested for your independent claim. Once you receive your claim, you pay us and we will ship your order. Please note that we will automatically cancel invoices after 2 weeks if they remain unpaid as we cannot hold your order/item for extended lengths of time.

If you are Plan-Managed

  1. Complete the Order Request form below, listing out which item/s you wish to purchase and the quantity. Make sure you complete the shipping address and Plan Manager details.
  2. We will send the tax invoice directly to your Plan Manager to receive payment. Note: the Plan Manager is responsible for assessing whether the items are reasonable and appropriate for each unique NDIS plan.
  3. Once your purchase is approved and payment is received, we will send you a confirmation email and dispatch your order.
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