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As humans we are designed to squat in order to "eliminate" properly. Which is why you need a PROPPR toilet stool.

Since the advent of the pedestal toilet, the innate instinct to squat has been lost; causing a host of health problems in western countries.

The PROPPR bathroom foot stool has been designed to place your feet at exactly the right height to replicate the squat position for a more effective release.

The science is simple. The hip flexion achieved by squatting (PROPPing), straightens the kink in the lower part of your colon and waste passes with ease.

Going to the loo for a #2 will be easier, quicker and more complete. You’ll feel so much better when you become a PropStar!

proppr toilet footstool kink unkink

We have the Oak love this! Our inspo was provided by our time spent in Asia and our beautiful friends recommend this Stool for our Aussie life. Best investment ever and a beautiful Christmas Gift 🎁 Thank you

My experience with the Proppr team has been very positive. The footrest arrived promptly and well protected. It fits my area perfectly and looks really discreet.

Our family is very happy with our bathroom footrest having realised the health benefits of the squat position for toileting. The service we received was friendly and efficient. The product was delivered within two days of ordering and is very well-made. I highly recommend "The Proppr" product.

My Proppr is stylish and easy to use. One of the only stools I could find with a sleek wood design. Very happy!

We love the PROPPR! It’s keeping everyone light and cheerful in our house. Plus, I’ve friends and family members who come to my house just to use it. Kind of nasty, but also it’s good to share!! I love the design of the stool too, it really looks great in our bathroom!

Love my Proppr stool - the timber style matches perfectly with my new bathroom - the kids even come to my toilet as they love my stool too! ( guess I should buy them one ) The angled slope is get for doing the #2 ! Well done highly recommend!

I bought a Proppr back in 2016 to help me go to the loo. Best thing ever! It's stylish, it's easy and it works!

Poop Stool


Hi, we’re Zhenya and Jacqueline, the owners of the PROPPR.

We are so pleased you’ve popped by here. We figure you want to know more about our award-winning poop stool, and how it can help you when doing your ‘bathroom business’?

It’s a quirky little piece of furniture; with its primary purpose to put you in the ‘PROPPR’ position to poop (alliteration anyone?).

Combining Zhenya’s 20 years+ experience as a gut health practitioner, and Jacqueline’s decades long corporate marketing and communications career, we joined forces in May 2018 to take over the PROPPR. We loved the product – both its purpose and aesthetic – and wanted to help people enjoy good gut health.

It’s been quite the journey so far, with lots of learning and challenges, but we’re proud of our little poop stool and hope that it helps others ‘get things going’ in the bathroom.

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Gut health plays a pivotal role in our overall wellbeing, affecting everything from digestion to immune function. While it’s often overlooked, the simple act of using a foot stool like the PROPPR can significantly impact your gut health. Let’s delve deeper into the connection between gut health and the innovative PROPPR toilet foot stool. The

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