The PROPPR® is an elegant, Australian designed toilet foot stool to get you in the proper/PROPPR squat position for your next bathroom visit.

As humans we are designed to squat in order to "eliminate" properly.

Since the advent of the ceramic western toilet, this innate instinct to squat has largely been lost; causing a host of avoidable health problems in western countries.

Using a PROPPR® toilet foot stool helps replicate the squat position on a pedestal toilet, which ‘unkinks’ the sigmoid colon for a more effective release. 

The science is simple. The hip flexion achieved by squatting (PROPPing), straightens the kink in the lower part of your colon and waste passes with ease.

Going to the loo for a #2 will be easier, quicker and more complete. Make a smart move and become a PropStar.


An essential part of my daily routine

For many years I have been very conscious about what I eat and drink and also what products I use on my body – as I like being super healthy.

Since discovering the PROPPR and feeling the benefits, it has become an essential part of my daily cleansing routine. I now know it’s just as important to eliminate properly as it is to put the healthy stuff in!

Mascot, Australia

I am VERY, VERY happy

I received mine today after some excellent word of mouth recommendations. I am VERY VERY happy. It is perfect. 

It is clearly a superior product. It even has”soft pads” on the bottom so it doesn’t scrape on tiles or make annoying sounds. It is the perfect weight, the perfect everything. The packaging was fabulous too. I will be purchasing them for friends for Christmas.

Marrickville, Australia

Completely addicted to it

This beautiful piece of furniture has made my daily routine so much easier. I’ve been using the PROPPR for 3 weeks now, and really feel completely addicted to it! I never want to be without it! I never realised how much pushing and straining I was doing. Bathroom routines are not something I generally talk about with my friends but honestly this is too good not to talk about. Seriously, tell everyone!

Newtown, Australia

Sleek design that works wonders

I have been using the PROPPR for a few weeks now and I am truly amazed! Such a simple sleek design that works wonders. So little effort required. It looks stylish, it is easy to clean and saves time. No more bathroom reading material required!! Awesome.