Top 5 Toilet Stool

The PROPPR is a Top 5 Toilet Stool, Again

Are you looking for a designer toilet stool that will change your toilet time for the better? Look no further than the PROPPR! Our award-winning poop stool has once again caught the attention of the New York Times Wirecutter team and has made the list as a top 5 toilet stool!

With its ergonomic design and appealing aesthetic, the PROPPR is quickly becoming a must-have item in bathrooms, not only here in Australia, but also across America.

So… let’s start from the beginning.

Several years ago, just as we were launching the PROPPR in the US market, the New York Times Wirecutter team road-tested and reviewed a range of toilet stools, selecting the best in class in a number of categories. We made the list then and we’ve made it again this year – cue happy dance – landing the PROPPR as a top 5 toilet stool and being awarded a Wirecutter ‘top pick’ for 2023.

Why the PROPPR is a Wirecutter Top Pick

There are plenty of reasons to love the PROPPR (if we do say so ourselves!), but Wirecutter’s editors say that its top-notch performance and beautiful design “turns a perfunctory accessory into a statement piece”. The team’s pick was the PROPPR Acer in clear and they loved it for its camouflage properties, acknowledging it as the “toilet stool that in no way looks like a toilet stool”.

How Were Toilet Stools Selected for Review?

The team poured through online customer reviews along with google searches to find a mix of both big name and lesser-known brands, to arrive at a mix of wooden, folding and plastic stools for consideration and testing. Importantly, from previous research they knew they had to eliminate (wink wink) anything that had excessive ridges or grooves to collect dust or splashes and make cleaning more difficult.

And one of the things we think helps the PROPPR toilet foot stools stand out is our sleek design with no holes or grooves to navigate when cleaning.

In the end there were 13 stools which were road tested before the top 5 toilet stools were decided upon. Consideration was given to slip factor (or in fact non-slip), ease of cleaning, aesthetics and comfort.

Benefits of a Toilet Foot Stool

So, we’ve come to the attention of the market in terms of being named a top 5 toilet stool – cheers to us – but what’s the big deal about toilet foot stools anyway?

Using a toilet foot stool is designed to replicate the ‘squat’ position on the western pedestal toilet. It is how we were meant to ‘go’.

Here are just a few of the benefits that toilet foot stools like the PROPPR offer:

  1. Replicates the ‘proppr’ squat position on the toilet – The PROPPR is designed to get you into the PROPPR position to poo on the western pedestal toilet, and its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use.
  2. Helps make your #2s quicker and more complete – Eliminating completely and often helps maintain good colon health. And, when our colons are clearer our bodies stand a better chance of absorbing all the nutrients from the food we eat, allowing us to enjoy more energy.
  3. Reduces the risk of bowel health issues – The colon is the main organ for the storage and elimination of waste and toxins from our bodies. Going regularly and more completely reduces the build-up between each bowel movement and also the accumulation of toxins. With a more complete bowel movement we can help reduce the risk of many of the issues that affect us in modern western cultures such as bowel disease, constipation, haemorrhoids, bloating and many more.
  4. Discrete, easy to manoeuvre and store – the PROPPR was deliberately designed not to wrap around the toilet pedestal for aesthetic reasons; and also due to the wide variety of bathroom sizes and toilet designs now available. It’s intended to fit neatly and discretely to the side of most toilets when not in use. This provides not only a better aesthetic, but also reduces the potential for it to be a trip hazard, given it can be easily tucked away.
  5. A one-off investment in your gut health – The PROPPR is intended to be a one-off purchase for daily use, and if looked after, it will last a lifetime. In addition, consider the price of the PROPPR against the cost of ongoing treatments with health professionals or the purchase of laxatives and supplements that may not assist over the long term.

The PROPPR is an essential toilet accessory for anyone looking to upgrade their bathroom in 2023. And, with its stylish look and durable construction, the PROPPR will be sure to last you for many years. With all these benefits combined, the PROPPR is definitely a must-have for any modern bathroom this year!

Reviews From Other PROPPR Users

Given the taboo that still surrounds the topic of gut health and in particular our toilet habits, we are always thrilled when someone is happy to let the world know they’ve become a PROPstar.

Here’s what a few of our PROPPR lovers have said about their very own top 5 toilet stool:

  • “We have the Oak PROPPR… love, love this! Our inspo was provided by our time spent in Asia and our beautiful friends recommend this stool for our Aussie life. Best investment ever and a beautiful Christmas Gift 🎁 Thank you.”
  • “The best foot stool on the market!! I use and stock these at my business – highly recommend! They also look amazing and jazz up the bathroom/toilet.”
  • “The PROPPR looks great in my bathroom, but more importantly it does the job it’s meant to do. The team at PROPPR are super helpful and passionate and I love the eco-friendly packaging. Combining good gut health and the PROPPR has helped get everything working PROPPerly. Thanks ladies!”
  • “We love the PROPPR! It’s keeping everyone light and cheerful in our house. Plus, I’ve friends and family members who come to my house just to use it. Kind of nasty, but also it’s good to share!! I love the design of the stool too, it really looks great in our bathroom!”

If you’re looking for a high-quality toilet foot stool that has been independently reviewed and recommended by one of the world’s most trusted sources, look no further than the PROPPR. The PROPPR is a must-have functional accessory for any toilet, and according to the New York Times Wirecutter, it’s one of the best, in fact one of the top 5 toilet stool options on the market.

Get your ‘top pick’ PROPPR from our shop here and get ready to say goodbye to discomfort, and hello to happy bowels on your next trip to the loo! And our thanks to the team at the New York Times Wirecutter for including this little Aussie brand as a ‘top pick’ for 2023!