bathroom tips for pregnancy

PROPPR Bathroom Tips for Pregnancy

You can’t go past a midwife, pregnancy app, fellow mum or your doctor to hear or read about the issues you might experience in the bathroom during pregnancy. When we say everything changes, we mean EVERYTHING!

First off we’re relieving our bladder for what feels like 1000 times a day, and then for some of us, what used to be an easy #2 becomes a task like no other. Suddenly we know what a haemorrhoid is, and this is NOT something we want to talk about with our partner, is it?

Our PROPPR Bathroom Tips for Pregnancy

So how can we alleviate some of these issues we face in the loo while maintaining that pregnancy glow? Here are some ‘PROPPR’ bathroom tips for pregnancy:

  1. Water is of the utmost importance. Think about it like this, do you try and do the dishes or get a stain out of your favourite shirt without using water? No you don’t. Our bowels need water to get the waste unstuck and out of there. So, #1 = Water!
  2. Making sure our diet is full of good fibre is #2. Without fibre, the “scrub brush” foods for the colon, nothing is cleaning or moving out.
  3. Staying active is #3 – try walking, swimming, pregnancy yoga or pilates.
  4. Now, let’s go to the loo – and let’s make sure we are in the proper pooping position by using a toilet foot stool, like a PROPPR; #4!

If you have a toddler running around chances are you have found them “squatting” in the corner doing their number 2. It’s a natural position to poo, but since the advent of the western pedestal toilet, this innate instinct has largely been lost; causing a host of avoidable health problems. But don’t worry ladies, we aren’t asking you to fully squat.

Replicate the squat position using a toilet foot stool

Using a toilet foot stool helps replicate the squat position, which ‘unkinks‘ the colon for a more effective release. The science is simple: the hip flexion achieved by squatting (PROPPing), straightens the kink in the lower part of your colon and waste passes with ease. Going to the loo for a #2 is easier, quicker and more complete.

And while using a PROPPR is great for everyone, it is particularly helpful for pregnant women. As we already know, constipation is very common during pregnancy as the pregnancy hormone progesterone relaxes and slows down the passage of food through the intestines.

As mentioned earlier, diet, hydration (or lack of) and other factors can also contribute to being blocked. So as your organs adjust and relocate to accommodate the growing baby, PROPPing can be a great asset to ease the pushing and straining often associated with bathroom visits.

A PROPPR will also support your pelvic floor and bladder sling, so using a PROPPR when emptying your bladder will result in a more complete bladder release. YAY for less toilet breaks!

PROPPR devotee, Nicole from Sydney, says:

“Every pregnant woman needs one! A common issue in pregnancy is constipation… Constipation most of the time causes straining… Straining can cause you to have that little thought pop into your head… ‘OMG I’m going to push my baby out!’

This chic piece of bathroom furniture fixes these issues. The PROPPR is the perfect height and length to allow a pregnant woman to sit comfortably with her growing belly between her legs and not strain or have those little fears of pushing bub out. It just somehow manages to correct or align the organs to do their thing! Not to mention the after effects of child birth (down there) and the fear of going to the loo after all the goings on. The PROPPR would definitely create ease and comfort by zoning in on the correct area allowing it to pass easily and confidently, no harm done & fear gone!

I highly recommend it as a must have household item to all you pregnant women out there as well as anyone with any issues in that department – it will fix you right up!”