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Finalist in Spa and Wellness awards 2023

Spa and Wellness Awards 2023 – we’re finalists!

Are you ready to raise a toast and celebrate another incredible milestone with us? We are thrilled to announce that our designer poo stool, the PROPPR, has been selected as a finalist in the highly
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Maximizing Gut Health with Enemas water enema proppr perfect match

Maximizing Gut Health with Enemas: The Perfect and PROPPR Match for a Healthy Digestive System

There are a few reasons why we are posting about enemas today. First and foremost, we’re all about maximising great gut health; and an enema and a PROPPR are a perfect match for a healthy
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Frosty Toilet Foot Stool. A limited edition PROPPR Acer toilet foot stool.

LIMITED EDITION: a PROPPR frosty toilet foot stool

Question: What do you get when you cross our glossy white Acer with our almost invisible clear Acer? Answer: Our Limited Edition PROPPR frosty toilet foot stool – the Nordic Acer. Hmmm, well, that’s perhaps
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Did you hear about the constipated composer?

He had problems with his last movement.

Happy propping!