The best position to poop - how to squat on the western pedestal toilet

Top 10 Reasons Why Squatting is Better Than Sitting on the Toilet to Poop

Have you ever wondered if your sitting position on the toilet affects your bowel movements? Well, we’re here to tell you that the answer is a resounding yes! Your posture during this daily routine can significantly impact your digestive health, and whether you are having the most comfortable and efficient bathroom experience. It’s all about the ‘squat’!

As one particular study cited in 2019; “the time has come to reacquaint people with their natural habits and put this unfortunate experiment to an end.”

Understanding Proper Toilet Posture

Research conducted over time has shown a surprising link between our toilet habits and various abdominal issues like heamorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome, and even colon cancer. It turns out that our shift from squatting, our more natural posture, to sitting on pedestal toilets might be playing a role in these health concerns. These issues tend to be more common in developed countries, especially among city dwellers. Interestingly and as an example; urban folks in South Africa seem to experience them more than those living a more traditional rural lifestyle.

Contrary to popular belief, sitting upright on the toilet is not the most conducive position for effective bowel movements. The human body is anatomically designed for squatting during elimination. This natural squatting posture helps align the sigmoid colon and rectum for smoother and more complete evacuation. Need to see it to understand? Our Why Prop diagrams can show you.

The Problem with Sitting on a Pedestal Toilet

The conventional sitting position on standard toilets causes the puborectalis muscle to partially constrict the colon, making it harder to pass stool comfortably. This can lead to issues like constipation, incomplete evacuation, and discomfort during bowel movements.

Enter the Squatting Position

The squatting position is nature's way of optimising bowel movements. And on a modern day pedestal toilet, when you elevate your feet and lean forward slightly, it helps mimic this natural squatting posture. This position straightens the rectum and relaxes the puborectalis muscle, making it easier to eliminate waste.

Introducing Toilet Foot Stools like, the PROPPR

Fortunately, modern innovation has brought about solutions to address this issue. Toilet foot stools like the PROPPR are designed to elevate your feet while sitting on the toilet, promoting the more natural squat-like posture. This simple adjustment aligns your body for a more efficient and comfortable bowel movement.

Tips for Optimal Toilet Posture

Achieving the ideal sitting posture for effective bowel movements is simple:

  1. Sit on the toilet as you normally would.
  2. Place a toilet stool like a PROPPR in front of the toilet (noting that there is a minimum stool height to help ensure your knees are above your hips).
  3. Rest your feet comfortably on the stool, and let it go!

So, here’s our top 10 Reasons why squatting is better than sitting

  1. Speeds up the evacuation process, making it more efficient and convenient.
  2. Helps prevent issues like irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, and potentially even colon cancer by reducing "fecal stagnation."
  3. Protects the pelvic nerves from excessive stretching and damage, supporting the health of urogenital organs like the prostate, bladder, and uterus.
  4. Temporarily blocks the ileocecal valve (located near the appendix), minimizing the possibility of contaminating the small intestine from the colon.
  5. Aids in maintaining continence by relaxing the puborectalis muscle, which typically tightens the rectum.
  6. Offers support to the colon through the thighs, reducing the likelihood of straining, and in turn lowering the risks of hernias and pelvic organ prolapse.
  7. Often recommended as a non-invasive treatment for haemorrhoids due to its beneficial effects.
  8. Particularly helpful during pregnancy by alleviating pressure on the uterus while using the toilet.
  9. For women, regular squatting may assist in natural childbirth by aiding the body's alignment and positioning during delivery.
  10. Reduces toilet paper usage as each bowel motion should be complete and easy to “clean.” 😉

As you can see, the way you sit on the toilet matters more than you might have thought. By adopting a more natural squatting position, facilitated by a toilet foot stool like the PROPPR, you can revolutionize your bathroom experience and promote better digestive health.

The western pedestal toilet has inadvertently led to significant discomfort for many humans, along with incurring billions of dollars in healthcare expenses for nations. It's high time we reintroduce people to their natural inclinations and bring an end to this costly and unfortunate 'experiment'. Embrace the natural squatting posture with the help of a toilet stool like a PROPPR and experience the benefits first hand.

Ready to revamp your bathroom routine? Your digestive system will thank you! Find your PROPPR toilet foot stool at the PROPPR Shop.