The Beauty of Natural Timber

The Beauty of Natural Timber

Here at the PROPPR we love the beauty of natural timber; it’s warmth and unique characteristics. And we’re super proud of our timber PROPPR toilet foot stools, which are crafted by our manufacturing partner in Queensland, Australia, and made from sustainably grown, Australian sourced wood.

A Designer Poop Stool

The craft of moulding – or bending – layers of timber ply sheets is a specialised skill with each stool pressed one at a time; akin to being handmade. And while our flagship bentwood foot stools have been designed as a functional piece of furniture to aid in your daily gut health habits, we also wanted them to look stylish and sleek.

Being light in weight, simple in style and big on purpose, our timber PROPPRs are designed to stand the test of time; and will look right at home in the most modern of bathrooms to the more rustic. With three different finishes to select from – Tasmanian Oak, Whitewash or Blackwash – the timber PROPPR will mix well with friends from mid-century modern to skandi styling, or bathrooms exuding easy Hamptons or elegant country charm.

The recipient of an Australian Good Design Award in 2019, each timber PROPPR is slightly unique in character and colour; a key feature and part of the beauty of natural timber.

Sustainable and Every Piece Unique

As wood is a natural material, each PROPPR will offer variations in grain pattern, knots, growth rings and color. And it’s important to point out that these unique properties aren’t imperfections or flaws, but rather these variations enhance the unique nature and individuality of each piece.

The characteristics that may be apparent in natural timbers are:

  • Mineral streaks: Greenish grey streaks caused by the oxidation of minerals.
  • Knots: Internal marks of branch growth.
  • Insect markings: Holes or healed scars evident in even the healthiest of trees.
  • Pine Knots: Small dark clusters where branches grow but fail to mature.

All of our Australian manufactured timber PROPPRs are made from premium FSC certified Australian timbers. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit organisation which promotes responsible management of the world’s forests. Established in 1993, the FSC does this by setting standards on forest products, along with certifying and labeling them as eco-friendly. FSC certification is your assurance that a product is made with, or contains, wood that comes from FSC certified forests, and are therefore sustainably grown.

The specific timbers we use in our three timber PROPPRs are Hoop Pine (grown locally to our manufacturer in Queensland), which is used for the core of each timber toilet stool and the external face of our whitewash PROPPR – we love it’s swirly grain and occasional knots which really picks up when whitewashed. The external face of our natural finish is of course Tasmanian Oak, which we also use on the blackwash stool prior to the blackwash paint being applied.

Mellowing Over Time – the beauty of natural timber

For our Tasmanian Oak toilet foot stools in particular, the beauty of natural timber shines through with its warmth and neutral colour which may deepen and change over time. As timber is porous, just like your skin, it responds to dry air by losing moisture due to humidity and temperature change.

As the timber ages and matures its colour becomes deeper and richer due to the action of light and air on the wood. This process is often called “mellowing” and is one of the attractive features of natural timber. Some pieces of timber will colour more than others to form a unique individual pattern, so no two pieces are ever identical. Of course it also depends on the depth of colour in the first instance, which is another one of its features and also part of the beauty of natural timber.

These natural timber characteristics and cosmetic inconsistencies will not affect the functionality of your PROPPR and may even add to its character and uniqueness.

And, in addition to its good looks, a timber PROPPR offers a natural warmth underfoot, even on the chilliest of days.

New and older Tasmanian Oak timber PROPPRs
New and older Tasmanian Oak timber PROPPRs – showing the colour deepen mellow with age.