Is there a right height for a toilet foot stool

Is There a Right Height for a Toilet Foot Stool?

“Is there a ‘right’ height for a toilet foot stool”, you ask? Or maybe you didn’t. Butt (ok, actually ‘but’ – hehe) we certainly get asked that question a lot.

The right height to poop, aka the PROP Zone

We’ve had our stylish and award winning PROPPR toilet foot stools on the market for a few years now, initially developed at a height to work with Australian toilets. It turns out that the average Australian toilet height, including the seat, is about 42-45cm (around 16.5-18 inches) tall. We designed the PROPPR with this toilet height in mind, so the gap between the top of the lid and the top of the PROPPR poo stool is roughly 20cm (8 inches). We call this area the ‘PROP’ zone. The ‘right’ height for a toilet stool is therefore one that gets you into this PROP zone.

However, we’ve since learnt – through our foray into the world of exporting, and particularly to North American customers – that the loos in the US are on average a little bit shorter than ours here in Australia. In the US, the standard toilet height averages 16 inches (40.5cm) or less. So the seat is already a little bit lower to the ground.

Who knew?

PROPPing in the US

We first introduced our Australian made bathroom ‘stool for stools’ into the US via Goop (they currently stock our Good Design Award winning Tasmanian Oak PROPPR). And we also added the entire range to our Amazon US listing to test out the interest. While sales took off, we soon received feedback from a number of customers, along with some of our US based family and friends who had become proud PROPPR users, that the toilet foot stool felt a little bit too high.

So, we set about creating a modified PROPPR; a poop stool that was a little bit shorter to suit that market. And while it’s great for our US friends, it is also ideal for folks just starting to PROP, or even for those tall in stature with long legs. We called it the PROPPR Starter, which we’ve initially made in our Acer range in clear.

Now you can choose the right height for a toilet foot stool based on what feels comfortable, and what works best with your toilet at home.

Why do I need to use a toilet foot stool anyway?

As supported by the science, the key reason for using a toilet foot stool is to simulate a squat position on the western style pedestal toilet. Ideally you want your knees as close to your chest as possible, to mimic a full squat, however at the very least, you need your knees to be higher than your hips. This postural position unkinks your colon, creating more of a slide – rather than pushing that s#!t uphill – so to speak.

The right height for a toilet foot stool is therefore more of a minimum height rather than a maximum. While you could sub in something from home, many of the options end up being too short, that is, they don’t get your knees above your hip line to replicate the squat position to poop.

We will admit that changing your position after years of sitting at 90 degrees on the toilet may come with a little discomfort to start with… as it changes the position of your bottom on the toilet seat. So, it could take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks for your tushy to adjust. Butt (sorry, couldn’t resist!) once it’s re-trained, you’ll never go back. Your body will be thanking you for pooping in the PROPPR position with less pushy poop time and a full ‘evacuation’.

If you do experience any discomfort we do encourage you to persevere. In time you’ll find sitting on the toilet with your feet on a toilet foot stool the comfortable norm. And when you’re without it you’ll be looking for the next best thing to prop those feet up and get things moving!

How do I use my poop stool?

So how do I use and store my poop stool in even the smallest of bathrooms (hello to our friends in New York City!)? The PROPPR should sit neatly to the side of your toilet when not in use. When it’s time for a #2, just lift and place the stool in front of the toilet and put your feet on top to PROP a squat.

The photo below was taken by one of our US customers – it shows one of our clear Acers neatly tucked away next to the toilet in a very tight New York City bathroom. What a fit!

PROPPR Acer in New York City
The PROPPR can fit into the smallest of spaces. Even NYC apartments!

To select your very own PROPPR check out our range on the shop.