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Does Using a Toilet Stool Help you Poop?

We’ve heard all the rage about poop stools, so how and why should you use one?

Our PROPPR poop stool allows you to raise your feet up when sitting on the toilet and release better poos – and who doesn’t want that? Most western toilets don’t have anything to put your feet on and our PROPPR toilet stool is perfect because it gives you something to put your feet on while sitting on the toilet.

So How Do You Use It?

Using a PROPPR is easy. Simply sit down on the toilet as you normally do, grab your PROPPR toilet stool and place it under your feet. You might want it close to the bowl or a little further away, that choice is yours, just as long as you are comfy.

In the beginning using a PROPPR might take a bit of getting used to, but it won’t take long for your colon to love it’s new position in life!

Still Unsure?

Here’s a few images to get you going.

Getting into the PROPPR position proppr fit guide

Want to learn more about the benefits of propping then check our post about How to Sit on the Toilet.

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