Sustainably made toilet foot stools and International Day of Zero Waste

Celebrating International Day of Zero Waste

The International Day of Zero Waste is observed worldwide every year on 30 March, emphasising the critical need to improve waste management practices globally and promoting sustainable consumption and production patterns.

This day serves as a reminder of the staggering amount of waste humanity generates annually – between 2.1 billion and 2.3 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste. Wow, that is hard to fathom but it is a LOT.

Here at the PROPPR, we're proud to contribute to this global movement with our toilet foot stools – a product designed not only for purpose (to get you in the ‘PROPPR’ position to poo) but also with sustainability in mind.

What is International Zero Waste Day?

International Zero Waste Day is a United Nations designated observance which serves as an important reminder of minimising waste in our daily lives. It encourages individuals, businesses, and communities to rethink their consumption habits, reduce waste generation, and promote recycling and composting.

Individually, this annual day provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on our own consumption habits and embrace sustainable solutions in our households and communities.

Embracing Sustainable Luxury In Your Bathroom

Sustainability and longevity are at the core of our mission here at the PROPPR. Our toilet foot stools are more than just a piece of furniture – they're a statement of sustainability and comfort, created for function and form.

The PROPPR is not your average foot stool – it's a quality piece of furniture manufactured to exacting specifications. Whether you opt for the sleek antimicrobial acrylic model or the warmth of a wooden foot stool, each PROPPR is designed to withstand the test of time.

Unlike disposable, light-weight plastic alternatives that contribute to environmental degradation, our PROPPR toilet foot stools are crafted from sustainably grown timber (FSC Certified) s and durable hygienic acrylic. These premium materials ensure longevity and durability, minimising the need for frequent replacements and reducing waste generation. Your investment will stand the test of time without harming the planet!

And, like any piece of furniture, with good care and respect, your PROPPR bathroom foot stool should last decades, if not a lifetime. By choosing PROPPR, you're not just investing in a foot stool, you're investing in a sustainable future - this means less waste and more opportunities for heirloom PROPPRs.

Value across its Lifetime

When considering the price of the PROPPR, it's essential to look beyond the initial cost. Think about the ongoing expenses associated with health treatments, laxatives, and supplements. While these may offer temporary relief, they often come with long-term consequences. In contrast, the simple act of 'propping' with a toilet foot stool may significantly reduce the need for these interventions, promoting better bowel health naturally.

Promoting Good Gut Health and Comfort

Beyond its eco-friendly design, our PROPPR toilet foot stools prioritise your health and wellbeing. By elevating your feet for your #2s, the PROPPR helps to achieve proper alignment and reduced strain, promoting a more comfortable and healthier bathroom experience for you and your family.

Join Us in Celebrating International Day of Zero Waste

This International Zero Waste Day, let's take a step towards a more sustainable future by embracing products that utilise sustainable materials and are quality made to stand the test of time. Together, we can make a difference by reducing waste and preserving the planet for future generations.

Ready to make the switch to sustainable bathroom essentials? Visit our store to learn more about our PROPPR toilet foot stools and join us in celebrating International Zero Waste Day!

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