Best Wellness Product at the Asia Pacific Spa and Wellness Awards - #1 for #2s again!

Best Wellness Product at the Asia Pacific Spa and Wellness Awards - #1 for #2s again!

The PROPPR toilet foot stool has been awarded Best Wellness Product at the 2023 Asia Pacific Spa and Wellness Awards. The PROPPR is now a multi award winning toilet foot stool - wow! The news of winning the Best Wellness Product at the Awards ignited a burst of excitement here at PROPPR HQ! The cheer squad erupted, and there may or may not have been a spontaneous happy dance. Here at the PROPPR, we believe in celebrating victories, and this one is definitely one we are proud of, particularly given the calibre of the other finalists.

The prestigious Spa and Wellness Awards, known for celebrating excellence in the spa and wellness industry across the Asia Pacific region, identified the PROPPR as a standout product that truly makes a difference in promoting better gut health and overall wellbeing.

In awarding the PROPPR Best Wellness Product, the judging panel commented, “in a time where gut health is acknowledged as having a significant impact on our mental health and wellbeing, anything that supports good gut health is extremely important. Simple, affordable devices that play a role in this need to be recognised.”

The judging panel's insightful comments resonate deeply with our mission. We take pride in creating a product that addresses contemporary health concerns with style and functionality. To be acknowledged for providing a simple and effective solution is truly an honour.

The PROPPR stands out among other toilet foot stools for its exceptional design and quality materials, making it both stylish and eco-friendly. By elevating the feet – or PROPPing a Squat – and straightening the sigmoid colon, the PROPPR helps users achieve better bowel motions, which in turn results in improved gut health.

Kris Abbey, founder and editor of Spa & Wellness International, the organisation behind the awards said, “we do love products that are beneficial to people’s wellbeing, as well as being stylish, sustainable and have longevity; that are eco-friendly and not ‘fadsy’.”

This award is testament to the PROPPRs effectiveness in replicating the ‘squat’ position on the western pedestal toilet. This is best demonstrated, even today, by cultures where squatting is the norm and the bowel is emptied completely each day. In these cultures the incidence of many common western bowel problems and ailments is extremely low. The PROPPR simply offers modern design for ancient human physiology.

Receiving the Best Wellness Product accolade, as judged by the Spa and Wellness Awards expert panel, is such an honour for us here at the PROPPR, and adds to our previous Australian Good Design award. We aimed to create a beautiful, minimalist toilet foot stool that would be a stylish but also functional addition to any bathroom. These awards highlight both the functionality and the aesthetic of the PROPPR, making it somewhat unique in the toilet foot stool category. The PROPPR simply and stylishly says you care about your health yet you don’t need to sacrifice good looks.

One of the main reasons for the PROPPR's appeal and success is its ability to be easily incorporated into anyone's daily wellness routine, often with immediate impact. Its compact design make the PROPPR a simple addition to any self-care regimen. And its good looks will surely make a statement in your bathroom!

Our sincere thanks go out to everyone who has been part of this incredible 'poop stool' journey – from our fantastic manufacturing partners to our customers, stockists and supporters. This achievement wouldn't have been possible without their unwavering support and trust in our vision for better wellness.

3 reasons for adding Best Wellness Product, the PROPPR, into your daily wellness routine:

  1. Improved Digestion
    The PROPPR is specifically designed with your digestive health in mind; to promote the proper - or PROPPR - posture while sitting on the toilet, allowing for better alignment of the digestive organs. By elevating your feet at a comfortable angle, the PROPPR facilitates the relaxation of pelvic floor muscles and straightens the sigmoid colon. This not only makes passing stools more comfortable but also encourages improved digestion, potentially reducing issues like constipation and bloating. In a world where gut health is increasingly recognised as integral to overall wellbeing, the PROPPR takes a simple yet effective approach to supporting your digestive system.
  2. Reduced Strain on Pelvic Floor Muscles
    Sitting on a traditional toilet often puts pressure on our pelvic floor muscles, which can lead to discomfort or even long-term issues such as prolapse. The PROPPR's ergonomic design encourages relaxation of these muscles by supporting them in their more natural ‘squat’ position. This can help reduce strain and tension in this area, promoting overall pelvic health.
  3. More Efficient Elimination
    Proper elimination is crucial for maintaining good gut health, as it plays a vital role in removing toxins from the body. Using a toilet foot stool facilitates more efficient elimination by optimising your position and posture on the toilet. As you elevate your feet and adopt a 'PROPPR squat,' you create a straighter path for waste to exit the body. This natural alignment enhances the effectiveness of your bowel movements, contributing to a healthier gut.

Incorporating the PROPPR into your daily routine is not just about comfort and style; it's a proactive step toward maintaining a thriving and well-functioning digestive system.

Why not experience the benefits of “PROPPing a squat” yourself and invest in a PROPPR toilet foot stool for your good gut health? And in the process become the proud owner of a multi award winning poop stool!