The PROPPR® has attracted media attention and won awards


Good Design Australia

Media Coverage


"All Your Poop Questions, Answered"

NYT Wirecutter

“The Best Squatty Potty and Other Toilet Stools Worth the Floor Space”

Body and Soul

"Turns out changing the way you poop could work wonders for your gut health"

Mama Mia

“Yep, I tried the $155 poo stool that sold out on Goop to see if it's legit.”

My Business

“How an elegant bathroom footrest became a worldwide phenomenon”

Australian Anthill

“From regional Australia to Goop: How two Aussie entrepreneurs took their product to the global stage”

Low Tox Life

“The ins and outs of colonics with Zhenya Gerson”

NZ Herald

"Staying at the Ovolo Woolloomooloo, Sydney"


"I never expected this at Australia’s No. 1 hotel"

Illawarra Mercury

"How a footstool that provides best position for going to the toilet wins national design award"

St George Leader

"Caringbah entrepreneur wins Good Design Award for PROPPR"

The Holistic Nutritionists Podcast‬

"Colon Hydrotherapy with expert Zhenya Gerson‬"


Media and Public Engagement

Zhenya Gerson is available for:

  • Media interviews on colonics, gut health, the PROPPR toilet stool range and women in business
  • Public speaking and education workshops focusing on gut health, digestion, squatting, and a range of wellness topics
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