To squat or not to squat – that is the question

Why should we squat on the toilet?

It’s a question we get daily – and the best way we can explain it is to show you a diagram and explanation.

Why you should squat when you go to the toilet

The puborectalis muscle, which loops around the rectum like a sling, normally pulls the rectum forward to create a tight angle (known as the anorectal angle). We call this a ‘kink’ – as demonstrated in the image below. During pooing, this muscle will relax, and the anorectal angle (kink) will widen.

Squatting when on the loo widens the anorectal angle, even more, to allow a clearer and straighter passage for poop to pass through.

Experiments have been carried out on the differences between squatting and sitting. Israeli researcher Dov Sikirov studied 28 healthy volunteers who were asked to record how long their bowel motions took and how strenuous their efforts were.

The volunteers sat on toilets of different heights (42cm and 32cm high) and also squatted over a plastic container. They recorded data for six consecutive bowel motions in each posture.

The average time for passing a bowel motion during squatting was 51 seconds, compared to the average times for the lower and higher toilet seats: 114 and 130 seconds respectively. Participants found pooping easier while squatting than when seated.

It’s also important to know that people who strain excessively are more prone to developing tears of the anal lining, known as a fissure. One study in Pakistan looked at participants who had chronic anal fissures with symptoms such as painful defecation, passage of blood from the rectum and difficulty sitting.

Participants adopted a squatting posture on a modified toilet seat (with their hips flexed and feet resting on an elevated stool) to help mimic a squatting position. They were found to have significantly reduced symptoms compared to the sitting position.

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