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Here at PROPPR we believe in being open and honest about what’s out there in the marketplace when it comes to toilet footrests. 

So, we figured we’d give you the run-down on what’s currently out there in the Australian market and give you the full picture. 

Check it out below:


Of course, we will talk about our own product first as we know its the best! 

Our Australian designed footstool won a Good Design Award for its sleek design and practicality, and we have a range of options – from timber to acrylic. So, you can pick a style to suit any bathroom. 

The Good Design Awards Jury praised the PROPPR commenting; “This is a really neat example of good design making a difference to a product. An honest, intuitive and no-nonsense design approach has created a unique product that will enhance our health and wellbeing. The Jury applauds the use of certified Australian timbers and toxic-free varnish. Well done!”

The PROPPR’s neat and discreet design also means that it fits in any bathroom – our customers are so impressed with their purchases, that they usually buy a PROPPR for every toilet in their house! 

You can purchase the PROPPR from our website here, and it’s priced from $99AUD. Delivery is worldwide, and wholesale options are available through this link. 

The Squatty Potty

The Squatty Potty

This USA designed plastic footrest tucks under the loo. The squat stool was created when one of the family was constipated. They sell their products through Amazon in Australia through this link. 

Their pricing ranges from $35 – $155AUD, not including delivery.

Their main website is here. 

Step and Go

The Step and Go

This USA based business has a range of toilet footstools. They are plastic and again, like the Squatty Potty – tuck under the toilet. 

Their white stool is available on Amazon priced from $148AUD, through this link. Their main website is here. 

Honestly? We want you to go to the loo with ease. Squatting allows the PROPPR elimination to occur. No more constipation, straining or worse still…haemorrhoids. Our customers are so happy with their purchases and we know our product will suit your home (and your gut!).

Get your PROPPR today.

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