PROPPR® European Beech

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This European Beech PROPPR is the last of the original range of timber PROPPRs, circa 2016.

It is a deeper toned, light brown timber (compared to our current Tassie Oak timber PROPPR) and is slightly smaller in length that the current timber range (see measures below). If the natural wood grain beech finish is just right for your bathroom, then jump on now and grab a piece of PROPPR history!

· premium sustainable plywood
· non-slip silicone strips
· 22cm-24cm (slanted) high
· 42cm wide
· natural finish; still see the wood grainPlease only use your PROPPR as a foot rest. Do not stand on it.

The PROPPR is designed to help you simulate the squatting position – because when you PROP (squat) the puborectalis muscle relaxes and your colon straightens, allowing for a quick, easy and complete release every time. Adding to function we also considered form – we wanted it to look beautiful too.

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