The PROPPR Fit Guide

Yes, you were designed to squat

As humans, we were designed to go to the toilet in the squat position. The thing is, that in the modern Western world, squatting isn't exactly the most practical thing you can do.

PROPPR Squat Woman

Squatting is much easier, 20cm off the ground

Our hips and knees aren't really built for the maximum squat position, but if you get about half way there, you still get the maximum effect.

Squat Comparison

The PROPPR is designed to simulate the easier squat position.

It doesn't matter how tall or short you are, the PROPPR is simply designed to get you about 20cm of the ground. We call this magic height the "PROP ZONE". Our PROPPRs are designed to get you into this magic zone.

The PROPPR Magic Zone

It doesn't matter what size you are

To use the PROPPR, put it in front of your toilet and put your feet on it. It will get you into the magic PROP Zone. If doesn't matter how tall or short you are - the PROPPR is effective for everyone 140cm-200cm tall.

PROPPR fit guide

Can you sit 20cm off the ground? Then you're ready to PROP.

The only fit test you need to do, is see if you can sit about 20cm off the ground. It might be a bit uncomfortable at first - that would be your knees and hips waking up from a long slumber. But if you can sit in that position for about 20 seconds, you're ready to start PROPPING!

The PROP Zone.

If you really want to get the tape measure out, jut check your loo is 42-45cm tall.

The Average Australian Toilet Height (including the seat) is about 42-45cm tall. We've designed the PROPPR with this toilet height in mind, so the gap between the top of the lid and the top of the PROPPR is roughly 20cm.