Q. Does it really work?


Get the PROPPR answers to your PROPPR questions.

How do I use it?

The PROPPR should sit neatly to the side of your toilet when not in use. Just bring it to the front of the toilet and put your feet on top of it when using. 

Will it be the right height for me?

We have done extensive testing and prototyping to come up with what we believe is the perfect “catch-all” height. If you're 140cm - 200cm tall, the PROPPR will be the right height for you.

The one way to test, is to pile up some books - 20cm off the ground and sit on it. If your knees and hips can handle this position, you're ready to PROP!

See the fit guide for more info.

Can I stand on it?

No! The PROPPR has been designed to withstand the weight of your feet, but not the full weight of your body. Please do not stand on it!

Is the PROPPR for men, women and children?

Yes absolutely! The PROPPR is for anyone with a body! The standard range of PROPPR's work well for men, women and teenagers. We have also designed custom sized PROPPR's for Children with bowel challenges.

My bathroom is small – will the PROPPR store easily?

Yes. We have designed The PROPPR to fit neatly and discretely to the side of your toilet - no matter how small your bathroom.

“I’m buying one for every bathroom”

The PROPPR has made a huge difference in the way my body functions. I feel so much cleaner and lighter in the morning after using this! It really does make everything so much easier! I’m so sold on this idea…I’m buying one for every bathroom!

Karen D – Mosman, Australia