We’re creating a 
Radiantly Healthy World

Global health, one body at a time

Our Vision is totally epic...

We are on a mission to create a radiantly healthy world by helping people to practice daily health-promoting habits that will encourage on-going health and wellbeing.

Two thirds of the world still squats

This human body was designed over 200,000 years ago to release solid waste effectively, in the squatting position. Even today almost 2/3rds of the world still squats to release and research tells us that these are the people who enjoy en masse great gut health.

Yet here in the western world where we have been using the seated loo for only  200 years we have alarmingly high incidences of constipation, haemorrhoids, IBS and bowel cancer.  These gut ailments are almost unheard of in the parts of the world where people still squat to release. Using The PROPPR helps you to simulate the squat position whilst using your normal loo.

Easy Habits are the foundation of Great Health

There are a heap of Rich people who harp on about COMPOUND INTEREST as the foundation of wealth. Basically, the daily accumulation of interest will eventually build up on top of each other, creating a super expansive free-wealth strategy. We see the PROPPR as a compound interest kinda deal. It’s the basic foundation of your daily health habit, that when used daily will add up to an enormous wealth of health. We love habits. Good ones. Call them rituals if you will – but the idea is that eventually your Proppr will become almost invisible to you. You will get so used to using it, it will integrate into your daily life in such an easy fashion that you will neurologically wrap yourself around this daily habit and it will become a seamless part of your day.

Beautiful things are easy to embrace.

You know what we love? Good looking Excel spreadsheets. Wanna know why? Because beautiful things are easier to look at and therefore easier to use. Sure, your dad can whip up a default-font spreadsheet that will calculate your monthly budget, but if it has Purple headers and interactive tabs and pretty green cells then you just might ACTUALLY use it! We believe the same is true for the PROPPR. 

Sure, we could have made this one hella functional, wooden ugly box that can do the same job – but would that inspire you to use it? No sir. We deliberately set out to make the PROPPR pretty, stylish and elegant. We want you to look at it and think “yes, I want to interact with this beautiful thing every day”.

We care about the health of the planet too.

Go into any op-shop or dig around in the back regions of your grandmother’s kitchen and you’ll find all those appliances and utensils that were BUILT TO LAST. Tupperware container from 1983? Still looks new. Kenwood cake mixer from ’68? Still going strong – and we intend to follow suit. That’s right, in the famous words of Eighties legend Rick Astley – the PROPPR ain’t never gonna let you down. We subscribe to the “Buy One Keep One” philosophy. The PROPPR isn’t designed to self destruct – it’s built to last. This means less wastage and more opportunities for heirloom PROPPR’s. And then there’s the planet. #planetrespect. You know it, we know it and honestly it’s a no-brainer. We make products that are kind to the earth and our business is as resource-neutral as it can be. If it means re-using that green tea bag, you know we will. We aspire to be #SuperEcoFriendly in all aspects of our business.

Go with your gut

Gut Feeling. Oh! The Pun’s write themselves – but this is what it’s all about. Do what feels right. Stay true to your human nature. Go with your gut feeling. In the launch of any medical-related product, there is a whole dictionary of things we can’t say. We can’t say the word “cure, fix, solve, guarantee” – so we dance around it. Here’s what we believe in – on every level. You are the master of your own body. You know exactly what your body needs – if you take a moment to listen to it. SO friends, we hand the responsibility and the magic over to you – we proudly say “Go with your Gut Feeling” on using a PROPPR – because your gut is never wrong.

We're totally Aussie Made

Remember when that little green “Made in Australia” tag was everywhere? On all the Uggs, Vegemite and Fords? Right now it seems that the Aussie manufacturing industry has all but packed up and gone to China. Not knocking China, but C’mon Aussie C’mon. So from the very beginning we had a priority – stay local. Aussie manufacturing is a dwindling business – but we want to do all we can to support the Aussie industry. Why go offshore? Sh#t gets complicated out there! You can be sure that staying local is a priority for us.