We’ve tried to be thorough in answering any questions you may have about the PROPPR but if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here please get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using a PROPPR helps replicate the “squat” position on a pedestal toilet, which ‘unkinks’ the colon. When you PROP, or squat, the puborectalis muscle relaxes and your colon straightens. Even if you ‘go’ regularly, the practice of PROPPing generally allows for a quicker, easier and more complete bowel movement and removes or reduces the need to strain or push. Eliminating completely and often also helps to maintain good colon health and helps to reduce the potential for issues later in life. And, doesn’t it just make sense to go the way nature intended?

The average Australian toilet height (including the seat) is about 42-45cm tall. We’ve designed the PROPPR with this toilet height in mind, so the gap between the top of the lid and the top of the PROPPR is roughly 20cm. It doesn’t matter how tall or short you are, the PROPPR is simply designed to get you about 20cm off the ground, and your knees higher than your hips. Due to the slanted design of the PROPPR the height varies from 21.5cm-23.5cm for the Acer and 22-24cm for the timber stool.

We did extensive testing and prototyping to come up with what we believe is the perfect “catch-all” height. The PROPPR is slanted on the top so depending on your preference you can turn the PROPPR around to have a different height.How do I use it? The PROPPR should sit neatly to the side of your toilet when not in use. Just bring it to the front of the toilet and put your feet on top of it when using.

Yes. We have designed the PROPPR to fit neatly and discretely to the side of your toilet no matter how small your bathroom.

Yes – it will work with any toilet. We deliberately designed the PROPPR NOT to wrap around the toilet pedestal for aesthetic reasons and also because of the wide variety of toilet designs available today. Also toilet heights vary so we chose a height that will be a good common denominator.

Yes absolutely! The PROPPR is for anyone. The standard range of PROPPR’s work well for men, women and teenagers. Generally for the PROPPR to be most effective the user’s height needs to be at least 140cm. If you have a young child that you think could benefit from a PROPPR please get in touch, as we can investigate the production of a stool at a bespoke height – we’ve done it before with great success for our little user.

No… The PROPPR has NOT been designed to take a person’s full weight. It will only take the weight of your legs when seated on the toilet. The angle on the top of the PROPPR has been deliberately designed so that you’re not prompted to step on it. Only use your PROPPR as a footrest. When you buy or receive a PROPPR, you agree that you’re not going to stand or sit on it – you’ll only use it as a footrest. Please tell anyone else that uses your PROPPR about the “No Step/Stand” rule.

We’re going with a No! Our firm belief is that if the PROPPR has a secondary function (like a magazine rack, toilet-roll holder, mini step in the bathroom) it would cease to be used for its primary function! We want the PROPPR to only be used for its intended purpose, ie PROPing!

Yes. Although it doesn’t collapse, it can easily fit into your carry-on bag (for example) with all your clothes and belongings packed around it!

We have coated the timber PROPPR with a toxic-free varnish that will wipe down very easily. And the PROPPR Acer is made with waterproof anti-microbial acrylic. With any bathroom space, you have to keep things clean on a regular basis. If you wipe down the PROPPR with a damp cloth regularly, you will have one super hygienic item!

The PROPPR Timber stools have been tested in high-traffic bathrooms as well as being subjected to many water and heat tests. The lacquer is water-repellant and is designed to repel moisture and direct water contact. Please don’t leave wet or damp items sitting on the PROPPR; we recommend a wipe over only.

Like any piece of furniture, with good care and respect, your PROPPR should last decades, if not a lifetime. The PROPPR is built to last. This means less waste and more opportunities for heirloom PROPPR’s.

We generally find using a PROPPR can take from as little as a few days and up to several weeks for your body to adjust and enjoy pooping in the proper position. However it’s important to note that it’s not a cure for those who do have issues with colon health and digestive diseases and it doesn’t replace the need to consult with medical professionals.

The colon is the main organ for the storage and elimination of waste and toxins from our bodies. Going regularly and more completely reduces the build-up between each bowel movement and also the accumulation of toxins. With a more complete bowel movement we can help reduce the risk of many of the issues that affect us in modern western cultures such as bowel disease, constipation, haemorrhoids, bloating and many more. Eliminating completely and often helps maintain good colon health. And when our colons are clearer our bodies stand a better chance of absorbing all the nutrients from the food we eat, allowing us to enjoy more energy.

Squatting is the ultimate position because it’s how nature designed us to completely release. But, the reality is that the Western loo is not going to disappear overnight and Westerners are not going to take to squatting en masse. The PROPPR gets you comfortably close to the perfect squatting/releasing alignment (releasing the kink in your gut and allowing the colon to straighten) and is suitable for most levels of flexibility.

Using the PROPPR may help with many bowel issues. Again you won’t know until you try it. In cultures where squatting is the norm and the bowel is emptied completely each day, the incidence of many common western bowel problems are extremely low. Anecdotally the PROPPR has helped many people, and it certainly won’t do you any harm to try it!

Using The PROPPR may assist with constipation. You won’t know until you personally give it a go. Many factors could contribute to a blocked colon: dehydration, lack of fibre in diet, lack of exercise or eating the wrong foods – so your constipation may not just be associated with your posture. Anecdotally, the PROPPR has helped many other people and it most certainly won’t cause any harm for you to try.

There are a small range of bathroom footrests on the market that offer similar benefits – but where the PROPPR differs is the style, design and environmental consideration. We aimed to create a beautiful, minimalist footrest that would be a stylish addition to a designer bathroom. It’s a functional piece of bathroom furniture to be proud of. It says you care about your health yet you don’t need to sacrifice style! Also, at every point of the process we have endeavoured to use products that are environmentally sustainable – and no cheap plastic!

Some doctors will love the PROPPR and encourage its use! Others may be sceptical. Our advice is to trust your own body and try it for yourself. The PROPPR is completely safe!

You could squat on the toilet seat – but for many people in the Western world squatting is super difficult (knee/hip flexibility). You can absolutely try it, but it’s a little more dangerous (risk of slipping and breaking the toilet seat)! Using the PROPPR is a safe alternative.

Did you hear about the constipated composer?

He had problems with his last movement.

Happy propping!

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