Let’s talk about Colon Hydrotherapy

Zhenya Gerson is an I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, with Level 2 study and certification, Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Consultant and Yoga Instructor with 16 years in the wellness industry. She is driven to empower people to be aware of their own bodies, to live a healthy life and make conscious decisions about their own health for their personal wellbeing.

Did you know that Zhenya is also the co-owner of the PROPPR?

Check out this recent podcast where she was interviewed by Natalie K Douglas by clicking here.

Topics Include:

🗣Zhenya’s journey into colon hydrotherapy
🗣Colon hydrotherapy 101
🗣What ACTUALLY happens in a session
🗣Different types and what to look for
🗣Who should be getting colonics
🗣How often you should go
🗣Can you go too much?
🗣Tips on finding a good colon hydrotherapist
🗣Contraindications and cautions
🗣HOW we should be pooping
🗣The power of footstools
🗣The best footstool on the market and how you can access it

Happy listening!!

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