Five easy swaps for a more eco-lifestyle

As we start a new year and have been reminded about the fragility – and power – of our environment and planet, we thought we’d share five simple swaps to get on board for a more eco-lifestyle.

You might already have started the journey of these easy swaps in your own home, but for those wanting to kickstart some changes or are new to the idea of living a more eco-friendly lifestyle then they’re a great place to start.

Shower and save
With Australia in the midst of drought try bringing a bucket into the shower or even the kitchen sink to collect water before it heads down the drain. Then use it to water your garden beds and plants! And if your shower is upstairs, you get the added bonus of an arm workout taking it out to your garden!

Swap your cleaning products for microfibre cloth alternatives
There are a few brands on the market, but we’ve been users of the Enjo cleaning cloths and gloves for years. By using an Enjo cloth for cleaning you are not only reducing the use of toxic chemicals in your own home but also its journey out into the environment. For those with allergies it’s the perfect cleaning product, because all you use is water and the cloth. The cloths last for YEARS and are easily washed in the laundry. And by not having to swirl around any product with them it really does cut down on your cleaning time – bonus! They even have makeup remover pads, reducing the need for single-use cotton pads. Check them out, you’ll love them! And no, we aren’t reps for them – it’s just a great brand that actually works.

Swap paper for fabric and eco-friendly cloths
If we look to the past, before kitchen paper towel and paper napkins were so readily and affordably available, we would have used tea towels, washcloths and fabric napkins. If you’ve got a head cold, by all means, stick to something you can dispose of easily, but for the rest of the time let’s look to those more sustainable options that have served us in the past.

Buy in bulk
By shopping at a bulk foods store like Naked Food or Source Bulk Foods, we reduce the excess packaging and plastic from everyday grocery items like pasta, rice, flour, sugar, beans and even chocolate! Not to mention, we reduce excess food waste. Simply buy the amount you need and off you go. So find your nearest bulk foods store and get shopping.

Swap plastic wrap for beeswax wraps and stainless steel and/or glass food storage
Beeswax wraps are treated cloths that keep your food just as fresh as plastic wrap and come in loads of different patterns. Simply wrap your plate of leftovers with one of these and have the added bonus of reducing your washing up. Similarly, there are loads of non-plastic alternatives for food storage these days, such as stainless steel and glass. They’ll easily store all your leftovers without contaminating foods by leaching — and still, look good in years to come, unlike faded, scratched plastic.

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