What does your immune system have to do with your gut health?

gut and immune system

What does your immune system have to do with your gut health? The two are inextricably linked. Over 70% of our immune system resides in our gut (aka colon and/or large intestine). The gut is often the first entry point for exposure to pathogens (bad bacteria and virus’ that can cause disease); therefore your gut…

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How To Use a Poop Stool?

poop stool

We’ve heard all the rage about poop stools, so how and why should you use one? Our PROPPR poop stool allows you to raise your feet up when sitting on the toilet and release better poos – and who doesn’t want that? Most western toilets don’t have anything to put your feet on and our…

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Celebrating Australian Made Week 2022

Australian Made Week

Australian Made Week is being celebrated from Monday 6 to Sunday 12 June this year. It’s a week to not only celebrate, but also to acknowledge and support the many local makers and growers – of all shapes and sizes – that go about their business creating and making around our country. Here at the…

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We’re 4 years into our poop stool journey

poop stool

We’re 4 years into our poop stool journey this month, and we wanted to reflect on the ride so far. It’s just the two of us still – Jacqueline & Zhenya – so there’s sure been a lot to learn and navigate! Here’s a little of our story. An Australian poop stool is born –…

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We’re exporters – of poop stools and more!

Poop Stool

The PROPPR, our little Australian poop stool business, is owned by the two of us; Zhenya and Jacqueline. We bought the business back in mid-2018, as we loved the product so much and believed the marketplace needed a beautifully designed and quality made piece of purpose-driven furniture. We’re now over three years in and continue…

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Let’s Talk About Constipation


Like the topic of pooping in general, no-one really talks about constipation, well not unless it’s with their doctor. You see, it’s a very common health complaint in western cultures, affecting around twenty percent of people in Australia, which is a fairly average statistic across all western populations. Yes… populations where we predominantly use a…

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How Should I Sit On The toilet?

How to properly sit on the toilet

How should I sit on the toilet? Is there a right way? Here at the PROPPR we do harp on a bit about how to properly sit on the toilet; the proper position to poo if like. It’s the whole reason our stools (for great stools!) exist after all. The best way to poop is…

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The Skin and Liver Link

The skin and liver link

Did you know that the skin and liver are linked; that the liver has an essential role in maintaining a healthy complexion? There are numerous internal and external factors that can affect our skin health. One of these is the gut-skin axis and another less spoken about link is the skin and liver link. Your…

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Eating Seasonally for Good Gut Health

Easting seasonally for good gut health

Here at the PROPPR we are often asked about the types of food that will nourish our bodies and keep our gut happy. While using a toilet foot stool should help with the ‘exit’ part of the digestive journey, making healthy choices and considering what goes into our bodies is just as important as making…

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Your Gut, Your Brain and Your Emotions – Is There a Connection?

Your Gut Your Brain and Your Emotions

Is their a relationship between your gut, your brain and your emotions? Well yes, there is. In fact there’s a deep and direct relationship between your Gastrointestinal Tract (aka your gut) and your brain, which has been well documented in recent years. Aptly named the ‘gut-brain connection’, the GI Tract is often called your second…

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