bathroom tips for pregnancy

PROPPR Bathroom Tips for Pregnancy

You can’t go past a midwife, pregnancy app, fellow mum or your doctor to hear or read about the issues you might experience in the bathroom during pregnancy. When we say everything changes, we mean ...
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Now’s The Time to Save… on Toilet Paper!

Did you know that by using a PROPPR foot stool when you “drop the kids off at the pool”, it not only helps reduce the need to push or strain, but your #2 can come out cleaner and ...
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Best Wishes for 2020

As a new year begins we reflect on a PROPPRly massive 2019 for us; one that we are grateful for with all that has transpired for our lovely PROPPR footstool. There’s been a number of highlights ...
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gut health recipe

Gut Health Recipe Packed with Goodness

A gut loving recipe! A quick google search and you’ll find a plethora of amazing recipes to tantalise your tastebuds and make your gut happy. Here’s one for your gut to sing out to – ...
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heal your gut

What Can Damage and What Can Heal Your Gut?

Welcome back gut lovers. Let’s talk about what can DAMAGE and what can HEAL our gut microbiome. If you read the last blog we talked about the importance of maintaining healthy gut bacteria for our immune system. ...
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how to improve gut health

How to Improve Gut Health and Your Immune System

Since you are here; we assume that like us, you are lovers of good gut info and really want to explore what it’s all about. One thing commonly overlooked is that the majority – yes, ...
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A PROPPR Chat on ABC Evenings

Earlier this month we had a chat with the lovely Chris Bath on ABC Evenings. She was pretty intrigued by the fact that we’d won a Good Design Award for our toilet foot stool. Yep, ...
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Good Design Award Winner

PROPPR recognition for design excellence

There’s lots of excitement at PROPPR HQ right now as we celebrate the PROPPR receiving a Good Design Award Winner accolade in the Product Design category at the 61st Good Design Awards. The award recognises the ...
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bowel health

Bowel Health: Are you pushing sh!t uphill?

Do you have a toddler running around or have been around a toddler when it’s time for a #2? Notice how they hide under the dining table and squat to leave a deposit in their nappy? Well, ...
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world digestive health day

World Digestive Health Day 2019

Can you believe that one-third of the world’s population has some form of digestive symptoms? We reckon that’s a pretty large proportion of us humans experiencing some form of digestive health issue, not to mention ...
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best position to poop

Best Position to Poop – What is it?

After years of sitting on a pedestal toilet, changing to a ‘proppr’ position can take a little getting used to. Sitting with your feet on a toilet footstool changes your body alignment, raising your knees ...
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sitting on the toilet

Five problems with sitting on the toilet

Sitting on the toilet.  It’s what we do in western countries, often one or two, maybe more times a day. Well, as humans we are designed to “squat” in order to “eliminate properly”. But since ...
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