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bowel health

Bowel Health: Are you pushing sh!t uphill?

Do you have a toddler running around or have been around a toddler when it’s time for a #2? Notice how they hide under the dining table and squat to leave a deposit in their nappy? Well,…

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world digestive health day

World Digestive Health Day 2019

Can you believe that one-third of the world’s population has some form of digestive symptoms? We reckon that’s a pretty large proportion of us humans experiencing some form of digestive health issue, not to mention…

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best position to poop

Best Position to Poop – What is it?

After years of sitting on a pedestal toilet, changing to a ‘proppr’ position can take a little getting used to. Sitting with your feet on a toilet footstool changes your body alignment, raising your knees…

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sitting on the toilet

Five problems with sitting on the toilet

Sitting on the toilet.  It’s what we do in western countries, often one or two, maybe more times a day. Well, as humans we are designed to “squat” in order to “eliminate properly”. But since…

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