A PROPPR chat on ABC Evenings

Earlier this month we had a chat with the lovely Chris Bath on ABC Evenings. She was pretty intrigued by the fact that we’d won a Good Design Award for our toilet foot stool. Yep, a designer poo stool – still makes us chuckle. Have a listen; and meet Zhenya and Jac and the story […]

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PROPPR recognition for design excellence

Proppr good design award

There’s lots of excitement at PROPPR HQ right now as we celebrate the PROPPR receiving a Good Design Award Winner accolade in the Product Design category at the 61st Good Design Awards. The award recognises the elegance of the PROPPR as a functional and beautiful piece of bathroom furniture. Dr Brandon Gien, CEO of Good […]

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Are you pushing sh!t uphill?

Do you have a toddler running around or have been around a toddler when it’s time for a #2? Notice how they hide under the dining table and squat to leave a deposit in their nappy? Well, they’ve got it all figured out!! Squatting to release the bowel is exactly what we should be doing.  The colon, […]

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World Digestive Health Day 2019

Can you believe that one-third of the world’s population has some form of digestive symptoms? We reckon that’s a pretty large proportion of us humans experiencing some form of digestive health issue, not to mention some level of accompanying pain or discomfort. The most common symptoms are bloating and constipation, which can occur even without […]

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Best Poos Ever!

After years of sitting on a pedestal toilet, changing to a ‘proppr’ position can take a little getting used to. Sitting with your feet on a toilet footstool changes your body alignment, raising your knees above your hips, which is important and what ‘unkinks’ your colon. It’s the best way for us to replicate the […]

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Five problems with sitting on your toilet

As humans we are designed to “squat” in order to “eliminate properly”. But since the advent of the ceramic western toilet, this innate instinct has largely been lost; causing a host of avoidable health problems in western countries. For thousands of years we all squatted to go to the loo. It’s how our bodies were […]

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