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Poop Stool

We’re exporters – of poop stools and more!

The PROPPR, our little Australian poop stool business, is owned by the two of us; Zhenya and Jacqueline. We bought the business back in mid-2018, as we loved the product so much and believed the…

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Let’s Talk About Constipation

Like the topic of pooping in general, no-one really talks about constipation, well not unless it’s with their doctor. You see, it’s a very common health complaint in western cultures, affecting around twenty percent of…

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How to properly sit on the toilet

How Should I Sit On The toilet?

How should I sit on the toilet? Is there a right way? Here at the PROPPR we do harp on a bit about how to properly sit on the toilet; the proper position to poo…

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The skin and liver link

The Skin and Liver Link

Did you know that the skin and liver are linked; that the liver has an essential role in maintaining a healthy complexion? There are numerous internal and external factors that can affect our skin health.…

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Easting seasonally for good gut health

Eating Seasonally for Good Gut Health

Here at the PROPPR we are often asked about the types of food that will nourish our bodies and keep our gut happy. While using a toilet foot stool should help with the ‘exit’ part…

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Your Gut Your Brain and Your Emotions

Your Gut, Your Brain and Your Emotions – Is There a Connection?

Is their a relationship between your gut, your brain and your emotions? Well yes, there is. In fact there’s a deep and direct relationship between your Gastrointestinal Tract (aka your gut) and your brain, which…

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Why do I need a toilet stool

Why Do I Need a Toilet Stool?

Why do I need a toilet stool? Good question. When we get asked about our business and what the PROPPR is all about; we often encounter a few interesting questions and comments. Along with a…

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warming tips for winter

Warming Tips for Winter

It’s official… winter is here in the southern hemisphere. The days are shorter and chilly temperatures have us wanting to curl up on the lounge rather than get out and move, walk, exercise or perhaps even…

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PROPPR toilet foot stools

Australian Made Week celebrating Australia’s Local Makers and Growers

This week is the first ever Australian Made Week (24-30 May) celebrating Australian Made products across the country. Did you know that every time you choose an Australian Made product, you’re making a difference to…

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Sleep and rest for good gut health

Sleep and Rest for Good Gut Health

The importance of sleep and rest for good gut health can often be overlooked. But, when it comes to our health, both physical and mental, sleep is one of the keys to our overall wellness.…

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5 steps to glowing skin

Beauty From the Inside – 5 Steps to the healthy glow you deserve!

You know that beautiful healthy glowing skin you long for, the one that radiates a beautiful glow, not a blemish or dry patch in sight? Well, that type of skin comes from the inside –…

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Is There Really a Proper Way to Poo? Why Yes, There Sure Is!

Is there really a proper way to poo? Does it really make a difference to our gut health if we change our body alignment on the toilet? The simple answer is yes! We were meant to…

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